Rules and Regulations

2014 Rules and Regulations

  1. Five fish limit per team per tournament
  2. A fish must within the slot limit.  All fish in question will be measured with the golden rule and will be measured with mouth closed and tail pinched.  You can check your rule with ours before tour or after tournament hours or before fish are brought to the scales.  Once fish are brought to the scales all weights and decisions are final.
  3. An illegal fish will result in the loss of that fish but also the teams largest fish.
  4. All artificial bait required.  NO LIVE BAIT.
  5. There will be 5 ounce penalty for each dead fish brought to the scales. Please make every effort to keep fish alive.
  6. Refer to tournament schedule for tournament hours.
  7. Any boat late for weigh in will result in a 1 pound per minute penalty after 15 minutes you will be disqualified.
  8. No membership fees required. Only big fish awards which are $20.00 per boat to cover the year.  Big largemouth and big smallmouth.
  9. Registration will start 1hr 20 mins before start of tournament. Registration will end 20 minutes prior to start of tournament.  Please make every effort to have boats in the water and ready to go on time.
  10. Each boater and non-boater will be responsible for his or her own safety as well as other boaters and will not hold the club or its members liable.
  11. All anglers are encouraged to wear life jackets while the motor is running and have proper safety equipment on their boats at all times.
  12. While fishing close waters with other club members you must stay at least 25 yards away from other members fishing the tournament.  Please make every effort you can while fishing close to others and use good sportsmanship.
  13. All fishing must be done from the boat.  No wading or bank fishing will be permitted.  No trolling allowed.
  14. If you have to leave the tournament for any reason before quit time you must notify someone in the club or leave a note on the club president’s vehicle.
  15. If your boat breaks down before weigh in, it will be legal for you or your partner to bag your fish and ride in with another member of the club.
  16. We will limit the number of boats to 35 per season.
  17. You must fish 8 tournaments to qualify for the classic and year end awards.
  18. At the beginning of the year your team will use the boat captain rule.  The team captain will use his boat and accrue the weight for the tournament and the yearend standings.  Captain must fish 8 tournaments for the year to qualify for year end awards and the classic.  As a team you can use a sub twice a year and still qualify for the classic as long as you have fished at least 8 tournaments as a boat captain.
  19. As a member you can fish with anyone in the club or another team captain. as a non-boater the weight will go to the captain of the boat. as a non-boater you must also fish 8 tournaments to qualify for the classic and year end awards including big fish awards.  at the classic as long as all the members have fished 8 tournaments it will be allowed for you to pair up for the classic.  All aspects will be looked into before the classic and must be brought to the attention of the club president.
  20. The classic will be determined at the last tournament.
  21. Boats will be released in order by pulling numbers at the time of registration.  On smaller bodies of water 2 boats will be launched at a time with 25 seconds intervals.  On larger bodies of water, 3 boats will be launched at a time.
  22. All live wells will be checked before boats are launched by a designated person of the club or a designated person from the previous tournament.
  23. The 2 day tournament at the chick will count as 2 separate tournaments and will count towards the classic. The jet boat shootout will not count towards your weight totals for overall series champions. Big fish awards will not be counted during the jet boat shootout.
  24. The Jet Boat Shootout will be a $100.00 entry with 90% payback, remaining 10% will cover awards and website fees for 2014.
  25. All regular tournaments and open tournaments will cost $70.00 with 100% payback.  There will be a $100.00 entry fee for the Classic.  The breakdown will be as follows, $60.00 place money, $10.00 big for big fish.  The Classic will be the same but with $90.00 for place money.  Please refer to the payout sheet given out at the first tournament.
  26. Total weight for the tournament will be used for the year to determine the overall series team champions.
  27. Only your top 8 tournaments will count towards the year end standing.
  28. In case of a tie for place money, money will be divided among teams who tied. All weights are final once they leave the scales.
  29. Year end awards, prizes and giveaways will be awarded at the last tournament. Giveaways and awards will be only awarded to members fishing at least 8 tournaments unless there is an emergency that you cannot attend.  A lot of work goes into this and your cooperation is appreciated.
  30. Please check our website and Facebook during inclement weather for updates.
  31. 50/50 drawings will be held at every tournament to help raise money for awards, ramp fees, website fees, ect.  Please make every effort to purchase a ticket since we do not have membership fees.
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